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"Fun and Enjoyment at Victoria Judo"

Professional tuition from professional instructors. Broaden yours or your child's life skills with this superb Martial Art using simple self-defence techniques that work for both children and adults.

We offer training for girls, boys and adults.

Sessions are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

• Judo is an oriental Martial Art which involves throwing and wrestling. In recent times it has evolved into an olympic sport, such is the popularity of Judo that it is practised by millions of people, especially children, the world over.

In Japan where judo originates, all school children are taught the benefits of Judo at a very young age. Here in the UK many primary schools are introducing Judo after-school clubs because of the good qualities that can be gained from children participating.

• Some of the main benefits of Judo include: confidence and character development, fitness and health improvement, balance and co-ordination skills, mental awareness and self-protection.

• Victoria Judo offers excellent training facilities in a safe and friendly environment. Children can have fun socialising and making friends whilst learning self-defence. Adults can work off excess energy, learning more in depth the origins of Judo and its' application. There are also gradings, competitions, training camps, refereeing and coaching qualifications. We also offer links to other martial arts


FUN: This session is run purely with the aim of providing fun and enjoyment for all those who take part. Children are encouraged to learn their Judo techniques whilst being allowed to interact and socialize with other members, ( this broadens their life skills ). A big emphasis is put on Judo games. This is where a child may learn a new skill, then apply it in a related game, ( this has proved very successful and enjoyable ).

SPORT: This session is run still with the aim of providing fun and enjoyment but is more suitable for the older participant as the routines are more rigorous and more physical activity is involved. Quite a few members in this session compete in competitions.

• Victoria Judo, which has won many team and individual honours, is a member of the Martial Arts All Styles Association. Its' coaches also provide tuition in the sport of Judo in many of the local primary schools. The chief instructor is qualified in first aid and has passed NVQ related elements in health and safety, insurance, risk assessment, injury management and child protection.

• Our training sessions take place at:

The Village Hall
Main Road
Nr Crewe

  Click HERE for map location

Every Tuesday:

FUN: 6.00pm to 7.15pm
SPORT: 7.15pm to 8.45pm

Every Friday:

FUN: 6.00pm to 7.15pm
SPORT: 7.15pm to 8.45pm

Cost: 3.70 per 2 sessions
6.00 family 2 per 2 sessions
7.60 family 3 per 2 sessions

For more details telephone 07870 951621 or just turn up at the venue.

"Beginners of 5 YEARS UPWARDS are very welcome"